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Ƀitsell X – Mission

Our mission at Ƀitsell X is to democratize paying, trading & buying crypto currency for everyone, especially the non-technical users. Buy Bitcoin, Sell Bitcoin or Pay with Bitcoin in a matter of 2-3 minutes, not hours or days of pending ID verification procedures and crypto transaction validation. All should be as simple as 1-2-3!

Ƀitsell X – How it Started

Bitcoin was all the rage – 2017 was the year and everyone plus your grandma was talking crypto currency. News were buzzing – Buy Bitcoin here, Sell Bitcoin there, Bitcoin this, Bitcoin that. Although we were up to date with everything Bitcoin related since 2012, the 2017 Bitcoin price surge came as a tell-tale sign : It’s time to go mainstream! But…shock and awe – there weren’t many “mainstream” options. The largest part of the public/commercially available crypto currency market was dominated by a handful of big exchanges handling complex crypto currency trading order-books, just like Wall-Street exchanges.

What did that mean? It meant it was only for the smart guys, wales & institutional investors. Funny thing, because Bitcoin was invented for the people, aka decentralized, not governed by any central bank or “Bitcoin authority” and meant to be freely traded and paid with. But how can you Pay with Bitcoin when you don’t even get to own any? Albeit a “free” and “decentralized” virtual currency, Bitcoin could only be procured and traded by investors, economists & hackers.

Ƀitsell X – Intrigue

Intriguing approach to Bitcoin & the other crypto currencies, right? Because of this, all normal people were afraid or simply reluctant to even think of Bitcoin or any other crypto asset, especially when all news highlighted the volatility and speculation of the Bitcoin market. That’s when Ƀitsell X decided to step in – Bitcoin is for the masses and no normal person should be an institutional investor or economist to use Bitcoin for what it was originally intended : Decentralized currency for the digital age, with small to zero transfer fees! How are you to send Bitcoin to your mum or pay with Bitcoin online if you can’t even get ahold of it?

Ƀitsell X – Solution

Our approach is simple and cool – a nifty interface to simplify all crypto operations to the point you can’t differentiate between paying online with traditional payment processors or paying with Bitcoin or 100+ other crypto currencies. That’s why Ƀitsell X is commited to keeping crypto payments as simple as 1-2-3! With Ƀitsell X you just power up our app/extension, you don’t register or create any crypto exchange account, and trading from one crypto currency to another or sending some Bitcoin to someone happens in JUST 3 steps :

  1. Choose crypto currency pair and sum (you can even buy bitcoin with credit card)
  2. Enter destination address/wallet (can be yours or of a friend/vendor)
  3. Execute transfer (Ƀitsell X generates a QR-code and wallet address unique to your transfer. You send your initial coins from your own preferred wallet and we send the converted crypto currency to your address/wallet previously entered in step 2)

Ƀitsell X – Fees are a Breeze

With Ƀitsell X your fees never grow past 1%* of your total crypto currency transfer sum. Doesn’t matter if you exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum or you buy Bitcoin with credit card or maybe you want to pay for that latest game with Bitcoin but the gaming vendor only accepts XRP or Monero? We’ve got you covered in 3 easy steps and smallest fees possible on the market! Best part is we immediately show you the crypto exchange rate (aka how much you get for what you spend).

Ƀitsell X – The Future Looks Ƀright

We don’t stop here. Allowing you to buy Bitcoin or pay/trade crypto currency fast is our top priority but not our last resort. While keeping the interface as simple and nifty as possible, we’d like to continue offering our crypto clients with best-in-class crypto market live information, but also automation. That’s why in the *very* near future, we will gradually release new updates to our cool tool, which will allow you to just stay relaxed knowing everything live, as it happens, and letting our intelligent tools save you time and money! That’s a promise and we intend to keep it!

*Our fees don’t include network/miner/other fees which are independent of us. Our fees might be subject to change with prior announcement, although we intend to keep them as low as possible.