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All crypto-trading info, live crypto-prices & crypto-market analysis you need in one singular tool. Our all-powerful browser extension helps you buy, send, trade Bitcoin in minutes – even without having a digital wallet at first.


Did we stress this enough? You actually DON’T need to register with Ƀitsell X and we don’t store your personal or financial data. You just fire up the extension or the web-app and it just works – magic!


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The actual secret behind massive success of cryptocurrency investors is continuously and closely paying attention to crypto-market trends. Ƀitsell X enables just that with our embedded tools for live prices and global cryptocurrency market analysis. 


With Ƀitsell X cryptocurrency is a breeze. Send or Buy Bitcoin in minutes.


A friendly user interface with 4 simple panels and 3 simple exchange steps.


Live market data from CoinMarketCap presented in a simple scrolling ticker.


Global market trends from TradingView presented in a simple visual gauge.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what Ƀitsell X clients say:

Do you have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles? My prior trials with crypto-exchanges have been a burden to my time and pocket. 
Ƀitsell X changed the game!

Chris Applebaum

Crypto Afficionado

Executives from my Wall-Street bank employer have been reluctant to work with crypto till the last second.

I wasn’t – Thank you, Ƀitsell X! 

Joseph Verg

Private Investor

My e-commerce shop wasn’t doing so well in the face of steep competition. That’s till I found Ƀitsell X – Now 90% of my payments come through crypto-payments. Time & Life saviour!

Jessy Rogan


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