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Donald Trump’s VP Contenders: A Look at Polymarket Odds and Favorites

With the 2024 election set for November, there’s growing curiosity about whom former President Donald Trump will select as his vice-presidential candidate. Currently, the decentralized prediction market Polymarket is featuring bets on a wide array of potential candidates, with this weekend showing a mystery candidate and Republican Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio as the frontrunners.…
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Betting Odds Odds Suggest 24% Chance Joe Biden Will Exit 2024 Election Race

According to a bet on Polymarket, a decentralized predictions platform powered by Polygon, there’s a wager on whether current U.S. President Joe Biden will exit the 2024 election race. Currently, the likelihood of Biden stepping down has grown over the past few months to a 24% probability, as indicated by Polymarket bettors. Political Futures in…
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